Disabled Veterans Benefits

If you served your country and received a debilitating injury while on duty you deserve far more than just the condolences and admiration of the United States government. It is the duty of the military to provide for its veterans, especially those that were injured. Your disability might be conflicting with your type of post military work and may be making providing for yourself and your family close to impossible.

This should not be something you have to live with. There are veteran disability compensation programs that are meant to provide income and medical reimbursement for veterans who were injured while on duty. Speak up for your rights and demand the compensation you deserve from the Veteran’s Affairs office closest to you.

Types of Injuries that can be Covered

Veteran disability compensation does not only include compensation for physical disabilities. Most veterans know that psychological disorders can be rampant for ex military. You have the right to request compensation for:

- Spinal injuries
– Lost limbs
– Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome
– Combat related anxiety
– Combat related depression
– Any other disability that occurs while on duty

How to Obtain Compensation

Any military service person that has a service related disability and was discharged under other than dishonorable conditions can apply for disability compensation. This compensation can qualify you to receive between $123 and $3100 in monthly benefits. You may be eligible to receive additional monetary benefits if you:

- Have very severe disabilities or loss of limbs
– You have a spouse, child(ren) or dependent parents
– You have a seriously disabled spouse

If you want to start the process of seeking veteran disability compensation, start by contacting your local Veteran’s Affairs office and filling out a VA Form 21-526, Veterans Application for Compensation or Pension. You should try to find and attach the following material to your application so you have a greater chance of being awarded benefits.

- Dependency records (marriage and children’s birth certificates)
– Medical evidence (doctor and hospital reports)

Special Compensation for Certain Veterans

Certain veterans are able to apply for more substantial payouts if they are one of the following:

- A Prisoner of War
– A victim of diseases and cancers caused by agent orange or other herbicide exposure
– A sufferer of radiation exposure
– A Gulf War Veteran


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