Welcome! My name is Sylvester Ryan, President & Founder of The Veterans Identification Program™.  
Our mission at Veterans ID Program is simple, we seek out opportunities for United States Military Veterans and their families who have served honorably.

The Veterans ID Program is a national program with global opportunities that is open to all veterans. We seek out discounts and deliver benefits as a thank you to our service members for their dedicated service to the United States of America.  You are eligible for benefits if you have served and completed your tour of duty during any period, peace or wartime, in any branch of military service, including the National Guard, Reserve, Coast Guard, Maritime and Seabees. Your discharge papers is all you need to submit for eligibility.  The only categories that will not be accepted are anyone who was dishonorably discharged, failed to complete initial term of service obligation or who did not serve enough time to be considered a Veteran due to other issues ie. not completing Basic Military Training or Advanced Individual Training.

The Veterans ID Program offer a partnership opportunity with companies who would like to support Veterans through discounts and employment opportunities. The program does not only coordinate these opportunities, we also ensure the right individual receive these benefits. We provide our members a Veterans ID Card for identification, so our partners can easily recognize them as eligible to receive these benefits.

Let me also take a few moments to describe other key facts about what our program can do for you:

  • Your Low Annual Membership Fee of only $20 annually!
  • Veteran Only Discount Opportunities
  • Recognition by use of your Veterans ID Card
  • Veterans supporting Veterans
  • Veteran Owned Business Listings
  • Veteran Employment Opportunities
  • Why We Are Here to Serve You

While serving my country in the United States Army, I also served in my community.  My areas of focus was on Senior Citizens, Children and Veterans which I am so much apart of and know so well.  My experience working with various Veterans initiatives taught me that we could never do enough for our nation’s Veterans to thank them for their service.  The Veterans ID Program is the program that will bring national attention and awareness to Veterans by honoring and thanking all who serve by delivering actual benefits through private corporate partners.

To give you an example of these benefits:  Last time I shopped at Home Depot and purchased over $200 worth of merchandise I saved over $20 with the 10% discount.  I knew then that it was worthwhile for me as  a 20 Year Retiree to have these benefits.  Of course the first thing I was asked when I asked for the discount was “Can I see your military ID” and that is what sparked this movement to make sure that every Veteran could take advantage of these types of discounts by providing each of you with you own official Identification Card that you can use to provide to any corporate partner.  
Thank you for your interest and support of this exciting new program that rewards all who serve. Please join us!


All the best,

Sylvester Ryan
President & Founder
The Veterans ID Program… “Every Veteran Deserves Recognition” 
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