The Veterans Identification Program™ was established to offer benefits to all United States Military Veterans (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Reserves and Coast Guard) who served with honor and deserve the recognition, respect, and rewards for their service to our great country. 

In order to safeguard the program and ensure that only qualified Veterans gain access to this prestigious program.   Veterans will have to Register, pay the membership fee of $20, submit a copy of your discharge papers to the Veterans Identification Program™ Management Team for review via website upload at time of membership, fax or mail.  Upon review of the application and verification of payment the individual will receive their official Veterans ID Card. 

If an individual does not have their discharge papers available upon registration they will be issued a temporary card good for 90 days. This 90 day period will allow time for the individual to request their official discharge papers from the Department of Defense.  If for any reason a new card is required you will be charged an additional processing fee of $10 for reprinting, re-issuing, shipping & handling of the card.  Discharge papers can be uploaded through our website or fax the document to: (508) 732-0488 or mail a copy to: Veterans Identification Program, 711 Atlantic Avenue Lower Level, Boston, MA  02111.  

As soon as you are enrolled in the Veterans ID Card Program, you will have access to our online member portal to view current vendor offerings.  Due to an increase in member applications, please allow 4 – 6 weeks to receive your Veterans ID Card and take advantage of special offers from corporations throughout the United States who honor and thank you.

NOTE:  This is a new program so please allow time for the Fortune 500 companies we have contacted to respond to our request.  If you find a company who would like to offer a discount to Veterans who are not listed on our website please contact us or have the company contact us directly.

First Official Personalized Veterans ID Card: Sent by First Class Mail, nationally recognized.
90 Day Grace Period:
 Take advantage of your complete benefits today!  We are working hard to bring you as many discounts as possible.
Personal Attention to Your Needs:
 Call and speak to our dedicated customer support staff for membership assistance.
And Much more to come!


  • Immediate Benefit Access
  • Personalized ID Card
  • and more to come!


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